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Spectrum on one

This one, well, just speaks for itself.  The internal posters and VIP mailing s were made even more mouthwatering with the use of real chopsticks!

Say Christmas and celebration, without saying Christmas and celebration.  Oh the joys of marketing in a Muslim country! Treading through the minefield of cultural correctness is always a challenge and this one was a doozy.  As always, we turned adversity into triumph, well we thought so!  And so did the client.  Someone even wanted to buy the dress!

Festive Promotion
Exchange Grill

“Show the sophistication, the masculinity and the power of a dining experience… on a bridge banner and internal communications”.  Tough ask.  While we couldn’t go all 3D on the bridge banner, the internal stuff we really went to town on.  Giving the poster a brown leather deep black buttoned finish immediately conveyed the proposition of the product.  Pull up a poster and relax.

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