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Branding and Identity

A multi million dollar drinks business with some of the world’s top brands, including Foster’s, Smirnoff and Louis Roederer Cristal in their portfolio, needed an identity to reflect their development.  One word shone through when talking with african+eastern’s people, brands and producers.  The word? Blend.  From this simple, yet critical, proposition came the droplet graphic with the “blend” brand principles. 

Dubai World Cup

As one of the sponsors of the world’s most extravagant racing events – the Dubai World Cup – african+eastern asked us to come up with an identity which was as premium as the event.  This included invites, welcome packs and the actual installation.

Annual Wine List

With only one real opportunity a year to profile your product to the hospitality and entertainment sector, t has to have impact.  The Dreamteam execution harnessed african+eastern’s wine portfolio’s positioning.  The basketball concept took the recipient by surprise with something you wouldn’t expect to arrive on your desk in relation to wine… a basketball.  Slam dunk!


As part of a re-branding initiative we were asked to harness and communicate the “blend” brand values and promise into the digital arena for african+eastern.  As the site needed to communicate to both a trade and retail audience a balance had to be achieved in tone of voice and content.  Both sets of users seemed to think we’d found the perfect blend.

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